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HappyRail Pass
  • Foreigners who live in Korea can freely use all the trains of KORAIL, including the general seats of KTX as well as the Saemaeul and Mugunghwa trains(excluding the subways and tourist trains), without limit in terms of the travel section and the count.

Types and Prices of HappyRail Pass

(Unit:KRW, Per Person)
Types and Prices of HappyRail Pass
ADULT CHILD 2~5 People Age: 13~25
2 Day Use 95,700 47,900 86,100 76,600
3 Day Use 107,800 53,900 97,000 86,300
5 Day Use 179,900 89,900 161,900 143,900

  • A child under the age of 4 does not need to pay for a seat, and a child between the ages of 4 ~ 12 years needs to pay 50% of adult fare
  • NORMAL PASS: Normal ticket usable for adult and child
  • SAVER PASS: Tourist party of 2 to 5 people may use under the same schedule
  • YOUTH PASS: Youth between the ages of 13 to 25 years and youths with International Student Identification Card may use this pass

HappyRail Pass Usage Procedure

HappyRail Pass Usage Procedure
  1. Buy exchange ticket
    appointed travel agency overseas
    Online purchase
  2. HappyRail Pass exchange(possible at all station)
    possible at main eschange service areas such as Seoul station, Yeong-Deung Po station. Sae-Jeon station, Eaat Dae-Gu station, Bu-San station, Kyung-Ju station, Kwang-Ju station, In-Cheon airport railroad information and etc
  3. Seat appointment
    appointed at any station in the whole country, without separate fare(in case of using KTX, Saemaeul luxurious room or Mugungwha bedroom, 50% of exising fare is charged separately)

  • Available at all train stations.
  • At the time of a purchase, please show your passport.
  • Happy Rail PASS is a registered pass that cannot be used by any other individual whose name does not match the information on the Happy Rail PASS
  • Available at all train stations.
  • If Happy Rail PASS does not start to use, It can be refundable.
  • There is no compensation for delay.
  • Information for Happy Rail PASS
    * KORAIL Customer Service Center : 1544-7788, 1588-7788
    * Information e-Mail : laeun2@korail.com

Limitation of Use

  • Ecomony seats of KTX, Saemaeul and Mugunghwa trains are not available.
    during the Lunar New year's day, Thanksgiving day, summer vacation and year-end and the beginning of the year.(Standing Seats are available)